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LaToya Jones


LaToya Jones is a sought-after International Artist.  She is founder and CEO of her company, Forever Royalty. LaToya is well known for her mixed media pieces, each of which requires time and patience to create.

The first thing you will notice about Jones' work is that it glitters.  According to LaToya the layers upon layers in her artwork are symbolic and represent a diverse variety of humanity's search for an ultimate purpose. LaToya believes that life has the uncanny ability to imitate art. Therefore, the journey through it, however unique, good and bad work together in forging a Masters piece, worthy of Royalty. 

LaToya's work and the very process of how she creates her stunning pieces of artwork illustrate and bare witness of art imitating life.  Beginning with a wooden canvas, to the use of naturally timeworn and singed papers, accented with diamonds, emeralds, amethyst and many other precious stones and minerals; each brings a sense of cultivation to her designs.

Her works are truly unique and utterly exquisite. "LaToya's work is innovative, vibrant and exciting. The bold colors, patterns, and applications that she uses are ethereal. LaToya is a kind spirit and an absolute delight to work with and is on the cutting edge of the art world."

Jones has won numerous awards, recognition and publication for her artistic works and many design collaborations. Her work has been featured with Ritz Carlton Dallas, Kips Bay Show-house, Sotheby’s NYC; MvVo Art, Nationally HGTV, and Good Morning America.

LaToya resides in Dallas Texas and is active in her community. Her efforts extend to multiple organizations including Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit organization, designed to help families escape poverty and homelessness where she currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors.

LaToya loves working with youth and is a certified educator. She has been known to devote her time and resources to work with special needs and at risk youth. She considers being a wife and a mom among her greatest accomplishments.

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